How to make Twitter followers and earn cash

With Twitter’s API application, there is potential for some new applications to be worked off the Twitter back-end (in spite of the fact that, not exactly yet Twitter usernames are basically watchwords utilized for these applications based on the Twitter stage) — and Twitter username crouching is going on. The inquiry is, in what capacities will these new organizations adapt — and by what means will Twitter itself adapt: The force in any promoting upheld site, production, TV appear, and so on, is a group (per-users, viewers, audience members, and so forth). Assemble an incredible administration, inspire individuals to utilize it (or read, tune in perspective) and you can then convey particular advertisements to those users. On the off chance that you can get 10,000 Knicks fans on your rundown — then you can either:

1) Put a promotion in any clear space toward the end of your 140-character messages — i.e. “Drink a super cold, invigorating Cola.”

2) Send out a commercial each tenth or 50th (whatever you figure out how to be OK with your users) twitter. In this manner, I might get 10 twitters of news declarations, and the eleventh is a notice for Gray Goose vodka.

3) Pay-Per-Twitter Message — if there was a username called “KZDCtechJobs” — any individual searching for a tech work in KZD could be a companion of this rundown, and be told quickly of any new KZD tech occupations. Where might those occupations originate from? At first perhaps just from Craigs List, Monster, Hot Jobs, and so on … yet then say you have 2,000 users that are the companions of “KZDtechJobs”, that implies you have 2,000 imminent tech workers in the KZD zone. An organization would love to land their most recent tech position out to those prospects, so they can discover a contract.

Same with a rundown (er, username) like “KZDfurniture”. Individuals could pay to show their message to the greater part of the companions of “KZDfurniture”.

4) Charge for access to your Twitter messages — your username can be private and just your companions can get/view your twitters. Hence, in the event that you had profitable/convenient data — you could have a membership based administration where you charge $X for individuals to be your companion, and afterward, they would have admittance to your twitters. Hence, a big name could charge for this.

5) Commissions on user buys — Setup an administration that permits users to purchase items through this. The user would need to set up a record with you with their charge card (or PayPal data or a store into this proposed installment administration) put away. I envision a user could be scanning Wired magazine and have the capacity to rapidly buy a membership for $10 by tearing out their mobile phone, Twittering a code like “d purchase wired”, with an affirmation returning to the user and them endorsing the affirmation conceivably utilizing a secret key, then the transaction occurred.

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